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The William Godell Pavilion
The Common, Southwold
Saturday 26th May
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Blyth Valley Community Radio is an FM community radio station covering Southwold, Reydon and the surrounding area including Blythburgh, Walberswick, Wangford and Wrentham. The station is run by members of the community, like you, for the members of the community. People from within the area of all age groups and backgrounds manage different aspects of the station. Anyone from within the community who would wish to be involved, can be involved. All posts are voluntary and the station is a non-profit making venture.


Location: Our primary studio and transmitter site is located in a WWII bunker in the grounds of Saint Felix School in Reydon, Southwold, Suffolk, England. Our second studio is in the Casino on Gun Hill in Southwold.


The Station’s Accountability To Its Audience.

The Community Radio order 2004 states: "It is a characteristic of every Community Radio Service that, in respect of the provision of the service, the person providing the service makes himself accountable to the Community that the service is intended to serve".


The Blyth Valley Community Radio Response Group (BVCRRG)

Blyth Valley Radio is managed by the Company Directors with assistance from a group which is known as the Blyth Valley Community Radio Response Group (BVCRRG). The group has been set up under consultation with  Ofcom, our licensing authority. This group consists of up to 12 elected members and is made up of representatives from across the Community. All members of BVCRRG can be on a rolling basis. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions you would like the group to consider please put them in writing only (we are unable to accept any other form of communication) and send them to  The Communications Director, Blyth Valley Community Radio, The Bunker, Saint Felix School, Halesworth Road, Reydon, Southwold, Suffolk, IP18 6SD. Mark the envelope “For attention of BVCRRG”


The group will meet as and when required to consider  any comments, ideas and suggestions put forward by the community.  The BVCRRG will also hold an annual forum for members of the Community to have their say. BVCRRG will ensure that the Community is adequately represented. The BVCRRG will consider any ideas, comments or suggestions put forward to do with programming and scheduling. They will not respond to comments about any individual member of Blyth Valley Community Radio as this is beyond their function.


For the protection of all our volunteers we reserve the right to seek legal advice if we consider a complaint to be discriminatory, vexatious or of a harassment nature.